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San Fernando Valley State College

Welcome, brothers, and friends!

This branch of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in Cyberspace is by and for the brothers of Pi Kappa Tau, their families, friends, and anyone interested.

Today both the fraternity and the university have new names. Pi Kappa Tau was founded on July 2, 1961, in a meeting in the parking lot of Gelson's Market in Encino. It became a part of San Fernando Valley State College's fraternity system and flourished in the 1960s. One of our goals was to join Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Fraternity, and Pi Kappa Tau was installed as the California Nu chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in December, 1967. San Fernando Valley State College became California State University, Northridge, in 1972. Both SAE's Cal Nu chapter and CSUN continue to live and prosper today.

As a matter of fact, this website is not a shrine to something long gone, for the brothers of Pi Kappa Tau have continued to meet and do things together. It is known throughout the land that any Thursday night there is a gathering of brothers for cocktails and dinner; somewhere between eight and sixty brothers have gathered for as long as anyone can remember. Occasionally the 1960s' Pi Kaps gather in other places, such as 30 brothers to visit Rick Krieger in Bend, Oregon, or 44 brothers to take a boat ride at Lake Tahoe, California.

Although we are SAEs, we still have a common bond as those that created the Cal Nu chapter and know the brothers of SAE value the knowledge of their origins. We used to quote Carl Rogers: "What we are to be, we are now becoming." It is also true that we are only what we are now because of the quality of that becoming. Finally, quoting William Levere, one of the great leaders ofSAE, "We can only repay our debt to the past by making the future in debt to us." If you weren't a Pi Kap, none of this may make sense, but in many ways it defined what we were as a fraternity.

The various sections of this Pi Kappa Tau website are meant to provide materials for your edification and enjoyment and to facilitate communications among the brothers and our friends:

Archive contains a photographic history, containing images of good times, old rush brochures, things important in the history of Pi Kappa Tau such as the petition to Sigma Alpha Epsilon, etc.

Roster is for contacting brothers--with mailing addresses, telephone numbers, FAX numbers, e-mail addresses, and whatever else seems to work. Note there is a page with "lost" brothers; whereas they may not in their own perception to be lost, if they aren't on this list, they're going their way alone as far as we are concerned.

Stories is intended to be a cyberhistory of Pi Kappa Tau. As it grows over time with what you wish to add to it, we will try to keep it user-friendly, organized in some rough chronology. Pi Kappa Tau has always had great stories. As Stu Olster observed, "Fraternity stories are not for the timid or faint of heart." Those contributing stories and recollections are urged to remember that it may well be your grandchildren doing the reading.

Forum is an interactive discussion forum in which you are welcome to leave messages of greeting, comment on whatever moves you, and so forth.

Friends is a sort of a Where-are-they-now? page with information (as we get it) about the many friends of Pi Kappa Tau. We are mindful that we could not have been Pi Kappa Tau without our college, with its many activities, student government, and even classes, and certainly not without the brothers and sisters of the fraternities and sororities at Valley State, and not without our many other friends. In gatherings of brothers, many times people say, "Where is Greg Brewster now? What about Judy Foohey? Remember the cartoons by Jim Talmadge? Is George St. Johns still in politics?" Anyone who thinks they fit this category, please send us stuff about where you are now and what you're doing.

Calendar lists upcoming events and activities we know about.

Links to Sigma Alpha Epsilon enable you to get back the California Nu homepage and to the national Sigma Alpha Epsilon website.

We hope you will find this website not only cool, but in fact bitchen.

Your Pi Kappa Tau Webmasters,

Rick Turton (Fall '62; Cal Nu '66) and John Cagle (Fall '62; Cal Nu '66)