There's always a Joker

Further Reflections

That was a classic RF.

Mark von Hoetzendorff picked the damn thing up and dumped it out on the front lawn. I recall (I think) that he picked it up and threw it down a couple of times in an effort to break it. But the battery and horn were soldered in the center of the thing and well protected.

My own contribution was nothing. The noise was completely overwhelming, not to mention the tumbleweeds. Mark was my roommate at the time and I remember he dashed out of the room into the hall which was floor to ceiling huge tumbleweeds. He was in barefeet.

Another Mark von Hoetzendorff, Rick Turton, and John Cagle adventure involved the fact that Rick and I had early morning classes but Mark liked to sleep late. He was called Big Bear not only because of hair, but also because of disposition in the morning.

There was the morning that Rick and I put "Wipe Out" in the record changer, set the volume to maximum, and then while Rick got the getaway car rev'd up, I flipped the start button on the record? We could hear Dick Dale quite well as we drove out the drive way and heard von Hoetzendorff yelling miles away (well, that last part may have gotten fuzzy in my memory over time).

John Cagle, Fall 62

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