Tahoe Reunion Prayer

Richard Eisman, May 1997

Whereas I am not a particularly religious man, I do however strongly believe in the power of self .... that undefined inner strength that allows each of us to deal with the speed bumps along life's highway... the trial's that test our will and the disappointments, which are inevitable.

As we journey down-life's pathway, once again we have assembled together to share our "self's"... that special bond that binds us, one to another. We revel in our past joys; laugh at our past experiences and gaze at one another in wonder and amazement. Has he really changed that much? He's lost a lot of his hair. - . He's gained some weight .... He looks more like I remember how my father looked ... Am I really that old too? My Lord. Where has the time gone?

The moments we've spent this weekend, such as with our recent gathering in Oregon, have been very special. A time to reminisce ... to reconnect ... to be with our Brothers. It has been unique; wonderful in its' splendor. And each of us can take pride in our individual participation.

Like most things however, this too must pass. And as we depart this morning, returning to our daily routines, I would like us to stay conscious, at least for the moment, that this will most likely be the last time that all of us will be together .... that as time marches on, she takes her toll ... and that one by one, we succumb to the inevitable end of our time here, ... in this life.

But I'd like to think that these days are simply a mark on a continuum .... that we are but players on a stage .... that the next act is yet to follow .... and that as characters in this play, we have new roles, which will allow our paths to once again entwine.

No one can ever take from us our past .... and few are able to challenge our "present". As to our future ... we can only wish and hope and strive. My hope, is that those who leave us first will always be remembered for their warmth and their chars. That we keep then forever in our hearts ... that their soul lights a snail candle in the darkness of our existence, which is yet to be. That as part of our own continuum, we find that those who have preceded us, are waiting .... waiting for us .... to help with the task of laying the foundation and constructing the framework for a new and even stronger brotherhood. My hope, is that we discover that our past experiences are simply the ,tools we'll be using to contribute to the prosperity of the new whole.

And so, I wish for us all, the prosperities and joys that lie ahead ... That our pains and struggles be brief and few ... and for us all to keep in - our hearts the warmth and brotherhood we share in our yesterdays, our todays and the tomorrows that are yet to be. For I truly believe that the words I penned some thirty years ago, hold themselves to be self-evident and have stood the test of time ....

That our brotherhood is, "understood......

That "we are one"...... "and stand as one"

God bless us all. Amen.